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Road stone

185 R 14C


The Roadstone 185 R 14C tire is an excellent choice for commercial vehicle owners and light truck drivers who prioritize durability, performance, and safety. Its robust design, high load capacity, and all-season reliability make it a valuable investment for any fleet or individual vehicle. Whether you're navigating city streets or long highway stretches, this tire ensures a smooth, stable, and secure ride.

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Enhance your vehicle’s performance with the Roadstone 185 R 14C tire. Perfect for commercial vehicles and light trucks, this all-season tire offers exceptional durability and traction on diverse road surfaces. Its high load capacity and robust design ensure long-lasting performance and a comfortable, quiet ride, making it ideal for everyday use and heavy-duty applications.

Brand Jakuna
Color Yellow
Weight 400 gm
Battery Lithium
Material Wood

The Roadstone 185 R 14C tire employs advanced technology to deliver superior performance and durability. Its robust tread design enhances traction and stability across various road conditions, while high-quality materials ensure long-lasting wear resistance. Engineered for all-season reliability, this tire provides consistent performance and safety, making it ideal for commercial vehicles and light trucks.